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Words of rock and stone, forge and hammer, hearth and home
The core dwarven language was originally taught to the dwarves by the earth spirits; dwarves learned their language by listening to the sound of the grinding and striking of stones and distant echoes of caves.

In written form the letters appear very square, that is, easy to carve into stone, though complicated artistic embellishments are not rare for master stone carvers / scribes. Dwarven artwork is filled with words and often double as huge, wall sized storybooks.

Despite the dwarven drive to trade with other cultures their language is not influenced heavily, as it is difficult to change that which is written in stone. Rather, a dwarf will learn the language of another culture and end up introducing dwarven phrases to other races. More often other languages will be influenced by dwarven than the other way around.

Spoken in: Citadel, Uruluk

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen