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Enemies Become Friends
a strange meeting, and trouble at the festival

I'm writing this from Thorn Hill, a small village north of Cobblepot. As we attempted to leave Cobblepot we were stopped at the gate by a guard and told we were wanted by the city leaders for a meeting. We traveled with him to a building, and were ushered to the lowere level where we met an old gnome named Fineas Fillfurrow, the former Dean of the School of Alchemy. Also in the room was the head of the SUA, though he did not give his name. We were thanked for stopping the plot by rogue members of the SUA, and then Fineas asked for our aid once again. He spoke of an evil that had appeared in the sea to the north, and of people dissapearing. After listening to the story, and adding our own adventures, we concluded that this evil must be the "Master" that Esmerelda was being taken to at Raven's Lake.
We agreed to help, and were instructed to head north to Thorn Hill where we would be met by an Elf who was also a part of this investigation. We reached Thorn Hill to discover the people of the town were preparing for their anual Berry festival. That night as we were preparing for bed, we were approached by the elf Fineas had spoken of, who turned out to be Elegond (the bard we had met in Barga). We exchanged information, though he didn't have much to add to what we knew already, and then we decided to wait until after the festival to leave for Raven's lake.
The next morning we awoke to the smell of Brambleberries everywhere. We all decided to take place in one of the four events. Rorrin and Jas took part in the balancing contest, but a local farmer's daughter won. Eoin then took part in the Berry bobbing contest, which was won by Farmer Grimsby of all people. Groehl and I took part in the pie eating contest (sure that no gnome could out eat a dwarf), but we were defeated by a young gnome with a large appetite. Finaly at dark came the thorn maze. The goal was to make your way through the maze and find the 6 treasure hidden within.
Everyone was having fun and we had found a few of the treasure boxes, when we heard a scream. Ignoring the thorns tearing at me I burst through one wall of the maze to see a gnome girl (the one that had won the balancing contest) surrounded by three strange looking creatures. Wishing I had my armor and halberd, I waded into combat as I was with my sword. While these creatures looked fearsome with their large mouths (with lots of sharp teeth), they proved easy to kill as I slew one with one stroke of my sword. The other's then vanished, only to appear moments late and continue the attack.
During the fight, Gim showed some new power as he was able to transform himself into a wolf. We dispatched the remaining creatures with ease, and a local druid named Thorne destroyed some with the maze itself. Talking to Thorne later we found that these creatures were from another plane, and had been summoned here for some unknown purpose. We were rewarded with a magic cloak by the city elders for saving the festival, and after several hours of partying with the gnomes we headed for bed. Today we will be headed north for Raven's Lake. I have no idea what we will find when we arrive or along the way, but I will write you again as soon as I am able. May the blessings of Shaelan be upon you and Mother.

Your Son,

Associated Regions: Raven's Lake, Thorn Hill
From the journal of Lochlan

Contributor: Joseph Arnett