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Gnomish sea witch of Lerl
Mad "Maddy" Madrigal is a chaotic young women who dwelt along the sea shore north of the town of Ravens Lake where the Brackenbog merges with the southern shores of the Inner Sea. She tended to a small shrine to Lerl along the shoreline, one of the "Teeth of Lerl".

Maddy was mad, true enough, but her seemingly random actions belied a sly, observant, and manipulative nature. She tolerated no competition against Lerl's tribute, though resorted to violence only as a last resort.

In the late months of 3038 AA she began driving local clergy of Gromgur out of town, one by one, through various underhanded and even violent means.

Maddy was killed in a despute over the treasure of a slain aboleth in 3039 AA.

Alignment: CE
Race: Gnome
Associated Regions: Brackenbog

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen