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Westmost river of Boddendell
The river Tulken flows north from the mountains across Boddendell and empties into the Brackenbog, making its way lazily to the Inner Sea. Its southernmost reaches flow fast and cold, though in the north the flow of the river can hardly be detected amongst the shallow mud of the Brackenbog mire. It is crossed in the south via the ruined fortress town of Stonebridge and to the north, where it is more shallow, by many fords, though the northern wetlands are difficult to travel through, as few roads are present.

The name of the river derives from the gnomish word for orc, tulk. Many years ago this river once marked the western border of Boddendell, a place where many wild orc tribes that refused the rule of Ertrugol once dwelt. The gnomes pressed their way past the river and established the eastern hold of Boddendell at the mountains where the current border with the Valley Of Ertrugol lay.

Tulken is located in Boddendell

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen