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Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Lightning!
On board Captain Stone's Vessel we encounter elementals and meet a young apprentice of Athanar
So, the morning began with the same tedious routine that had been happening for the last few days onboard. Something a little different happened this day. We realized that the weather was worsening and that the wind had picked up ahead of us. Athanar told us that he sensed an Elvish magic was the reason behind the wind and that we were being chased. I had no concept of house one would be able to follow after another considering the waves leave no trace of a path, but low and behold eventually a ship came into view. At least that’s what I was told because I was never able to see the ship from the center of the ship where I didn’t leave since it ‘caused the least amount of rocking.

Gim shortly thereafter started talking with his gnomish friend Gaumbolt about alchemy as this barrel that they had created and how it could handle the problem. I gave no credit to their foolish talk but paid a close eye to them to make sure that I would not be a victim of their moronic tendencies. After a few moments after consulting Arcelia about distance and throwing more and more of the black powder in the metal contraption they started a fire that seemed to lead towards the barrel end. Much to my surprise an enormous magic poured from the end and flew towards the other ship that was apparently closer to us. Athanar seemed relieved when the barrel “failed” but to me it was a success since the Elvish ship fleed…or so I was told, ugh. If it wasn’t for the fact that the barrel flew off the other side of the boat I would have changed my opinion of alchemy and Gim altogether but again this failure proved his lack of patience.

I walked around the ship after the explosion and even ran into an apprentice of Athanar whose name is slipping me at the moment more than likely because my ears were still ringing after the explosion. He seemed civil and was quite tall like Athanar except he looked a bit more human. I believe he was well versed in the arcane field which I know little about but respect for their ability to manipulate combat without a sword.

Again the boat continued on it’s way until a storm that pushed all of us non-privateer’s to the lower portion of the boat. It wasn’t until a huge abnormal bolt of lightning reminded me of magic Maddy was using. Gim even told us that he felt the lighting was alive. Once this was said we realized we’d be needed and made our way to topside… or the top or the boat…the front portion of the…whatever it’s called. It wasn’t until sometime in the fight where I was able to reach the top since my companions pushed me to come out last. I didn’t mind my position but I had a difficult time healing everyone when I finally made my way up. I realized that I lacked the ability to heal from a distance and started to take note of this ability when next I am granted powers from Throrn. After Gim shocked us all by transforming into a bear he started biting and swinging at the elementals that were aboard until they were no more. I was able to use a great healing spell to heal Gim and the rest of my friends back to normal, but felt inadequate with my lack of combat damage. My Spiritual Weapon proved to be a little disappointing compared to our last encounter with Maddy which made me angry but not as Throrn of course since he grants me all my powers to begin with but rather myself for focusing too much on healing this time. Hopefully, in future battles, I’ll be able to contribute better.

Associated Regions: Raven's Lake, Baratoria
From the journal of Groehl

Contributor: Chuck Jubenville