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Mystery And Truth
A captain's dark past.
On our way back to the ship we were jumped by the same bunch of thugs who visited us in the bar. We made short work of them and Jas was even able to take one prisoner. We brought the unconceous fool back to the ship so we could get some answers.

After a little chat with our "guest" we didnt learn much but he did know a few useful facts, most importantly we may be able to find out who hired the thugs. Tenedos has volunteered to disguise himself as the thugs leader in order to trick the one who hired him to make contact. Its a long shot but worth a try.

That night while we slep on the ship, Arcelia woke me and asked me to come up to the deck. She had something important to tell me. Turns out that the previous Captain who Stone got his ship from was really Stone's father, and Stone killed his father and thats where the coin came from. The feud between the brother stemmed from this act and that was how things came to be when we entered the story. So apparently Stone father was involved with these coins. Arcelia didnt wish to speak of these things in the open out of respect for her Captain but she felt we ought to know since we are walking right into all of this. I went back to bed without waking my companions, Ill tell them tomorrow what I have learned.

From the journal of Rorrin

Contributor: Mark Hughes