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Crew Of The Rosepearl
Privateer vessel of Baratoria that sails the Inner Sea
The Rosepearl is a relatively large three masted Carrack that sails upon the Inner Sea. The ship itself is fairly old, as sailing vessels go, but still holds its own against newer and faster designs thanks in great part to the ingenuity of its crew.

With its port of call in Baratoria, the Rosepearl is a creature of opportunity, often sailing to distant and remote ports in search of adventure... and new business opportunity. The nature of the opportunities, though more often ethical than not, are nonetheless at the whim of the Captain.

The current Captain is "Jugular" Jon Stone, a dwarf who took control of the vessel after the former Captain, his father, fell under the controlling influence of an Aboleth.

The Crew Of The Rosepearl operate in Baratoria
Members of the Crew Of The Rosepearl have included Athanor, Talbot

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen