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Mysterious young woman who serves as the navigator of the Rosepearl
Arcelia was born in Sellador at the Lessten Gypsy Camp to a Captain of the guard and a young Amari woman. The father, who was only in the area on a temporary matter, was called away and did not learn of his daughter until she had grown to become a young woman. She was raised amongst the Amari and became a student of their ways, yet still was curious of her father who dwelt far to the north in Midland. Thus it was that at an early age her fascination with maps and the study of distant lands took hold.

Her encounter with her father was disastrous, however, as the career minded officer was embarrassed by the idea of an Amari daughter. Arcelia fled and, though strange travels, found herself as the navigator of the sailing vessel Rosepearl.

Her fascination with maps has never abated, however, and her growing collection of self-made maps and knowledge of the geography of the lands with shore along the Inner Sea is unparalleled. She has managed to amass a tidy sum of money through a trade agreement with Atrius, the caretaker of the shrine to Haldros on Baratoria. He arranged for the purchase of the maps through his extensive network of contacts. Because of this, a great many of the maps of the Inner Sea used by the sailors of Baratoria bear her signature.

Race: human
Associated Regions: Baratoria
Arcelia is a member of the Crew Of The Rosepearl, Amari

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen