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Rosepearl Takes A Rosedive
We morned Jas found our wrecked ship and talked to a sword all in a days work
We started the day in mourning for our lost friend Jas. Gim was saddened by the news and even though he was still in the form of a bear I could tell by his grunting that the loss had hit him the hardest. Usually, Gim can’t find enough time to fit all he wants to say in but at this moment his silence spoke louder than anything he could have sputtered.

It was at this moment of grieving that Tenedos, who seemed to lack tack, urged us to continue towards the boat where we had heard a large bang followed by a cloud of black smoke. After coming to the conclusion that our only passage out of here needed to take precedence we continued venturing for the rest of the afternoon until we reached the other island where our ship resided. Once we got into range of our ship we soon saw the enormous hole that now ripped through the side of the vessel. Granted I didn’t care for ships in the least bit but this was our means for eventually getting back to Citadel and for the moment it had been put out of commission.

As we ventured closer to the boat we recognized some of the crew standing around arguing and some standing around in morning with the Captain. It took but a moment to find out where the blame was landing and that was at Gambolt the engineer of the ship. He was in no condition to talk and even though my first reaction was to take him out to the Wailing Rock I knew that someone needed to bring order to the situation. By simply throwing blame on the easiest of targets without any proof… why that would be as dishonorable as striking your opponent in his backside.

The large ogre from the ship and Tenedos were quick to judge Gambolt but Gim and now myself decided to try and find the real answers to how the ship came to be from the rest of the crew. Shortly thereafter we talked to Arcelia who informed us that she was with Gambolt during the time of the explosion which gave him a clear alibi whether he was in the right state of mind to accept it or not. Also, Gambolt had no recollection of doing the act but he did admit he’s the only one with the knowledge to do so. It was at this moment when I started to think that the Aboleth was behind this. I mean he did control Lochlan’s mind for a time. It was a very possible solution to the matter at hand but the problem now was how to find out the whereabouts of them.

After further discussion with Arcelia we were able to find out about someone who might help under the diety of Haldros. I was quite pleased to hear of another dwarven diety of the islands so I eagerly awaited seeking this man out. On the way, Rorrin and Tenedos, by some arcane power were able to ask the sword that Tenedos was carrying who it’s former master’s were. Granted this wasn’t a surefire way to find a clue but it turned out that one of the shipmates named…Talbott was a former master to it. This pretty much summed up all of our problems from the rogue encounter to the hole in the ship to the Skum finding us on the beach. It all led back to Talbott.

Now, at the small shack dedicated to Haldros we were able to find the man Arcelia knew. He explained to us how he came to be on this island and gave us encouraging words about repairing the ship and finding all three of the Abeloth’s and killing them. The Abeloths were also an enemy of his so this would please him greatly to see this done. With all this new information it seemed the right time to recooperate from the mornings fight and continue on our journey to rid the world of this great evil. For Throrn!

Associated Regions: Baratoria
From the journal of Groehl

Contributor: Chuck Jubenville