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Through The Portal To Take On An Immortal
We venture to North Baratoria to kill Talbot and face the two Aboleths
We stood at the doorway to what we were hoping was the answer to all of our queries. Over the last few weeks we’ve been searching for the evil that possessed my brother and turned his flesh into some sort of water-based form. We’ve been getting closer and closer to finally having the location of the monstrosity known as the Aboleth. It was just a few weeks ago that we defeated the smaller Aboleth and ran into the privateer Captain Stone that led us to Baratoria. And now we were waiting outside the door to find the answers to all the questions that had plagued us.

As I stepped my foot down on the other side of the portal I felt a harder surface than the one I came from. It was a strange feeling passing through, but since I had been through something similar while going to Citadel I didn’t let the displacement set in. Instead I let the eerie nature of the cave fill my heart to the point where I had to ask Throrn where I was… and in my time of meditation I realized that we all had been somehow transported underneath the water. Likely, this was the Aboleth’s lair and we would need to be on guard for any possible attack.

At this point I started running through the last fight we had with the Aboleth back in Raven’s Lake and knew that the Aboleth usually has a few smaller creatures to fight it’s smaller battles so I expected much like the other fight when the Aboleth used Captain Stone’s brother to attack us that perhaps we wouldn’t face the Aboleth first. So, I saved some of my stronger spells until them.

After our first steps into the cave I noticed Gim stopping and appeared to be peering over the side of the cave. Most of the group didn’t think it’d be a problem to climb down but I feared for my safety and recalled past incidences where I exposed my weakness. Without the group’s knowledge I used a blast from the Bull’s Strength wand and was strengthened for the climb. It was only with this new found strength and the Elvin rope that I was able to climb my down to almost the bottom. At around 10 feet or so I believe my confidence got the best of me and I slipped. I tried to convince the rest that I thought I was already at the bottom so I just let go but they were not easily convinced. Either way we were now in a room with a winding hallway that appeared to lead into a larger room.

Once we made it safely down to the bottom of the drop we all ventured forward into the larger room. I was not able to see anything transpire but once my brother and Hunter entered they seemed to get attacked. I feared for the worst and thought perhaps the Aboleth was attacking and that my assumptions would lead to their doom, but after everything hurried into the room I was able to see Talbot at the other side of the room fighting with Gim. After a few more steps in I was also able to see Arcelia who appeared to be unconscious laying on a platform away from the main floor not five feet away. My brother Rorrin started to make his way onto the platforms… he told me later that he was merely running away from Talbot who struck him with a mighty blow but the rest of the group just thought he was being heroic. Nonetheless I was able to heal him so he could return to battle.

While Talbot was able to distract the group with his tactics of throwing vial’s of acid and counterattacking our charges he was eventually overcome the by sheer numbers of the group. We surrounded him and blocked off his advances until he was eventually overcome by Gim’s mighty paw.

With Talbot disposed of Rorrin brought Arcelia back across the gap to be with the rest of the group. As he did this I ran up to Talbot…ignoring everything else and kicked away his sword into the ditch. I remembered how much trouble this sword had given us last time and wanted to get it far away as possible. Now that the sword was disposed of I ran to Arcelia to try and administer healing. As I used a simple spell to try and discern her sickness I realized that even though her wounds were healed that she was still not present with us. I wished we were not in the middle of the Aboleth lair because I would have been able to diagnose her better but alas we knew we’d have to take her with us as we ventured further.

It was at this point where I knew the Aboleth would be near so I prepared the group and myself with Throrn’s protection from evil; I bolstered Gim’s strength with the wand, and lastly granted myself a Sanctuary from their attacks. With our preparation done we all raced towards the door to finally end the sorrow that has plagued us all for so long. For Throrn.

Associated Regions: Baratoria
From the journal of Groehl

Contributor: Chuck Jubenville