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Hidden high priest of Haldros
Atrius is a kind hearted, older dwarf who keeps many secrets, though all with good purpose. He is a high priest of the dwarven trade deity Haldros, and is, in fact, the only priest of Haldros on the isles of Baratoria.

In 2986 AA Atrius, a young acolyte, left Uruluk to make a pilgrimage to Citadel, home to the great trade halls of Haldros. At the instant he stepped through the travel gate, disaster struck. A great comet, one of the heralds of the destruction lord Naresh, struck the side of the great mountain of Citadel. The resulting chaos disrupted many of the trade gates, including that which was bearing Atrius. He awoke on the beaches of Baratoria, lost on the islands which have been his home ever since.

Atrius views his exile as a calling from Haldros, as he has found many interesting opportunities on the pirate isles. People from all the lands of the Inner Sea find their ways to that hidden shore, each with their own tales to tell, treasures to barter, and information to exchange.

Because of the nature of Baratoria Atrius is hidden from the rest of the world. He regrets his isolation from the chruch, but is wary that any would seek him out; the nature of Baratoria is such that the island has a way of discouraging unwanted visitors... sometimes dangerously. The result is that very few members of the church actually know of his existence despite his power and the apparent favor of Haldros.

Yet, Atrius is content. His power is testamant to his cunning, cleverness, wisdom, kind nature, and the will of Haldros. He may seem marcantile and even stingy at times, but should someone of good heart be in true need Atrius will aid them as best he can... even if he keeps it a secret from those very same people.

Arcelia, the young navigator of the ship Rosepearl, uses the contacts that Atrius has amassed over the years as a means of income. In her travels she creates many detailed maps of the regions in and around the Inner Sea, and Atrius sells them on her behalf for a small commission.

Atrius has been known to work with the mysterious "orders" of the island, trading secrets and services. He despises the Aboleth and their cult, and works clandestinely against them whenever prudent.

Alignment: LG
Race: Dwarf, Gold
Associated Regions: Baratoria

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen