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Fallen noble, schemer, and self-important opportunist
Lord Henry James Talbot was once a minor lord whose lands lay along the north western borders between Gideon and Midland Sellador. The fortress of Ravenest, a stronghold of Gideons armies during the time of their last war with Sellador, was his to oversee by right of ownership of the surrounding lands.

In 3022 AA during the month of Terra orcs poured down from the mountains against the nearby town of Tuallen. Lord Talbot, seeing an opportunity to gain power for himself, betrayed Gideon to Sellador; he sent word to the armies of Sellador stationed to the near north, informing them of Tuallens need for assistance, for the orcs were still stationed in the hills nearby.

It was by his orders and deception that the unknowing Garrison of Gideonite troops allowed the army of Sellador to pass through their gates and into the lands beyond.

Talbots true plan was to help establish a permanent Selladorian presence in Tuallen with himself, naturally, as their leader. Sellador would, he schemed, be grateful enough to expand his holdings, possibly even over the town of Tuallen itself.

Talbots plan fell apart, however, as the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards, with aid from newly discovered dwarven allies, were able to route the orcish army and come to the towns rescue.

During a tense negotiation in the field outside of the town it was discovered, through a comparison of recent experiences between Lord Gailin Torele Verdain, prince of Gideon, and Lady Sarana Dalmont, knight and leader of the selladorian rescue force, that Talbot had deceived them both in a bid for power. Sarana, who had believed she was on a mission of aid and rescue only, took her armies and left Tuallen in peace. Talbot, ruined and shamed, fled via magical invisibility. His ill conceived plan had fallen to pieces.

A few days later Talbot, an accomplished swordsman, returned with hired assassins in an attempt to kill Gailin and take his revenge. He was thwarted again, and once again escaped by magical means.

Broken and without lands, holdings, or resources, Talbot found his means as a hired assasin and, later, as a sailor and pirate. Eventually, after changing ships many times, he became a crewman aboard the Rosepearl.

It was during these years aboard the Rosepearl that Talbot came to learn of the Aboleth, a race of malevolent and evil creatures who dwell within the seas of Geas. While in Baratoria Talbot was contacted by Adazar, a mysterious and dark man representing the Aboleth who promised Talbot power and reward in exchange for service. Adazar gave him the blade known as the Will of Skarroloth, an ancient and wicked weapon that, much like Talbot had promised to become, was an instrument of the Aboleths horrid plans of domination.

Thus armed, Talbot brought the Rosepearl into contact with the Aboleth who promptly enslaved the mind of its Captain. One of the captains sons, "Jugular" Jon Stone, discovered his fathers madness and, in combat, was forced to slay him. Jon Stone never learned of Talbots betrayal, however, and he continued to serve aboard the Rosepearl for several more years.

It was later, in 3041 AA, after an investigation on the part of the companions known as The Shield Of Citadel, that Talbots treachery was revealed. In yet another bid for power, he had begun organizing a mutiny amongst the crew. His scheme, and his ties to the Cult of the Aboleth on Baratoria, was revealed. Talbot, once again, became a hunted man. Kidnapping his crew mate Arcelia, a woman who he had discovered to be a secret member of one of the orders, he fled to their lair with his prize. There, he surmised, the Aboleth would use their hideous powers to strip her mind of its valuable secrets and thus yet reward him despite his other failures.

Days later, in desperate defense of his Aboleth masters, Talbot was slain in combat. His body lay broken and stripped in a lightless cavern at the bottom of the sea; a life of petty plots and betrayal his only legacy.

Alignment: CE
Race: Human
Talbot is a member of the Crew Of The Rosepearl

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen