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Who Will Get Blessed With Me Now?
We loot the Aboleths, lose Lochlan, find Kambei and Derrinar, and return to Citadel

It was but a moment that I stopped and breathed the situation in but it was by far the sweetest breath my nose had ever taken in. I paused again and reflected on our journeys as we all collectively walked out of the cave. Most of the group was exhausted from the fight but I had such a joy over the glory that would be bestowed upon us once we all returned to Citadel.

It turned out to be a short lived walk as once we got outside we were greeted by Jarren from the red robed order here on Baratoria. He asked us quickly if it was finished. Normally, in these situations I would jump at the chance to explain our glories in battle but since I read his face and the hurt that was still there from his loss I let Tenedos let him know that we had indeed killed the Aboleths. With Arcelia in Rorrin’s arms we were invited back to the southern key to the hideout where no outsider had ever been invited to. Instead of being greeted as heroes we were barely acknowledged at all…at least from what a dwarf is used to. There was no ale being carted out or music or dancing… merely a thank you here and there.

I and Lochlan scoffed at the welcoming but decided to enjoy ourselves with some of the liquor we had claimed from the Hobbe’s End bar we went to. While celebrating I noticed a strange creature with a lizard like lower body apparently healing Arcelia. I think by now in my training that I could have handled the job but I didn’t want to take all the glory this time around.

By morning I was ready to get off of this island and back to the stoned hallways, guild halls, and large cathedrals that Citadel has to offer. While boarding the ship I realized that our know it all goblin had decided to join the third order and leave us as we departed. Sneaky little goblin makes me think he just stayed with us long enough to get some gold. Perhaps, we paid him too well for his limited skills. Either way we sailed south and were assured a safe journey by all we talked to.

Towards the end of our uneventful voyage I was spending another night drinking ale to help with the movement of the ship… and thought to myself hey if the ship was rocking why shouldn’t I. Just as I thought I was about to pass out from becoming blessed I heard a loud crack and what appeared to be the sound of a falling tree. Since, we were not in a forest I assumed some piece of the ship had fallen. I was still a little too tipsy to make my way to the …um… upper part of the ship, but after I heard screams I knew I’d be needed. I quickly examined the situation to see what appeared to be Athanor going toe to toe with some bald elfin woman. From what I could gather she was casting some extremely strong magic that I could do nothing to prevent. As I looked down I found some burned crewmen and tried my best to help them but everyone on board was too far gone. Just then I saw a large green stream being shot through Athanor as Tenedos turned to me as we both suddenly realized that we were all doomed…I believe Tenedos used some crude human dialect to describe our dire situation but I merely looked to Throrn to thank him for the time that he did give to me and told him that even though I didn’t get to see the streets of Citadel again that seeing glorious battle made it all worth it. I finished my prayer and looked up to see a meteor come crashing down right on the planks before me which sent me flying into the air a good hundred feet or so into the water. Since I had my full plate on still and with my lack of ability in swimming I sank to the bottom of the ocean and cursed the name of Lurl as her waves began to suck the very breath from my lungs and I became unconscious.

It was at this moment where I appeared to awaken from this…dream??? I really had no intentions and telling the others what I had just dreamt about but they appeared to be having the exact same one. It was at this moment that I noticed Lochlan was gone and two other companions had taken his place. My first inclination was that the Aboleth had caught up to us and started playing tricks, but I sensed no magic. As Arcelia approached us we explained about the dream, our “new” friends, and Lochlan. She repeatedly told me at great length that Lochland was an island and I was mistaken. Also, that we were long friends with Kambei and Derrinar. I heard nothing of what she said and went around with Gim preparing for what I thought to be a premonition of the night’s events. I started to create a circle of protection in the likeness of Throrn and spent most of the day and night prayer for Throrn’s guidance and protection. The rest of the group wasted their time “meeting” our old friends, but I readied myself for whatever might happen.

The morning came and I was completely exhausted…Arcelia escorted me back to bed which I fell right into once I hit my room. Later than night in memory of Lochlan I went up to the … um… top portion of the ship and poured a little of the cactus juice out over the side to remember him. Then much like Lochlan would have wanted I downed a shot and continued doing so until I forgot what had transpired.

Eventually, the boat reached the shore and we started our journey towards Topholme. Hopefully, we’ll reach Citadel within a few days and I can truly rest and celebrate the many struggles and triumphs that we all had experienced as The Shield Of Citadel. For Throrn… and Lochlan!

Associated Regions: Citadel,Uldras
From the journal of Groehl

Contributor: Chuck Jubenville