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Dwarven lord of liars and deceivers
Mordrinar the deceiver is the master of lies, trickery, and unfair deals. The lie which earns power, the lust for wealth, and the hidden rogue in the shadows all fall within his domain. Mordrinar personifies the greed of the dwarven heart and the desire to hoard away wealth obtained by any means.

The practice of deception and the aquisition of power are seen as tasks that require an investment of time and effort. One of the first lessions of Mordrinar is that nothing comes for free and that everything in life has a price.

He is a selfish deity and delights in any power or wealth ammassed in his name.

In an age long past Mordrinar made a deal with Haldros which cost the trademaster his hand. It is said that to this day Mordrinar wears this grim trophy on a chain about his neck as a reminder of his greatest victory.

Alignment: CE
Races who worship Mordrinar are Dwarf
Mordrinar is the god of Power, Wealth, Deception, And Greed
Clerical Domains: Illusion, Chaos, Pact, Trickery
Mordrinar is a member of the Dwarven Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen