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The Road To Topholme
Of Bears and Druids
We chose to enter Citadel via Topholme. Finally, a brisk climb back to the thinner air. One might not think it, but the air by the sea is quite heavy on the lungs I look forward to the firm stone beneath my feet and the brisk winds around the peaks, this is the land of my people. My comrads chose to follow the path, I stayed to the edges to reconnect with the land. Shortly into our journey we came across a raided campsite. Tenados tried to sneak off into the woods to investigate, he is more clumsy than a drunken beaver.

While looking around the site we found a path broken through the woods. It lead to a small cave. A small cave that help two large bears. The area felt wrong. These bears had attacked the camp and eaten the travelers. Not a normal action. The Druids wanted to talk to these animals. They are animals that are not right, destruction is the best option for such creatures. It is best that they not spread their disease throughout the rest of nature.

My little druid friends surprised me again, though. Not only did they talk to the bears, but they found a small orb that was disturbing them. It was the source of the ill feeling in the air for all of us.

We returned to the trail by way of the campsite, naturally we found someone there. The local guards had come to look around. When we explained the situation Grohl asked about a church in Top Home, I presume, to dispose of the orb we found. It seems that we find more and more of these strange powerful items that are nothing, but evil. Are there no equalizing forces in this world?

Associated Regions: Top Home
From the journal of Peak Hunter

Contributor: Matt Herring