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New Places
A City, and all its trappings

Fothfer I send this bird to you with this letter in the hopes that you may find him a new home. I found him on the ground not far from where I stand his nest,and his eggs shattered on the ground outside a tavern in this city I have come to. I know I cannot send all the animals in need to you, but this one has his other purpose of delivering my letter saying I have arrived. I am Doing fine with these traveling companions though I am still suspicious of the half orc, and the rogue who follows his every command. They all seem well intentioned enough, though as I sit here writing this the two women are imbibing more alcohol than I should think the orc would be suited for, but they both seem the thrive in the drink so I shall let them be. I shall have to remember though to keep with me spells to snap them out of their drunkenness should they be needed. The young girl is quite the warrior. And the other performs healing quite admirably, and can stand her own when need be. Not much fighting was needed to get here, Hopefully none will be needed to get back out. tomorrow we meet with the leader of this legion, we shall see were they stand. I hope to go and find Rothgar, the half-orc now, and learn what I may. once you get past his smell he is quite tolerable for an orc. I am trying to trust in him. I do miss the quiet of the forest, but i feel now that I chose right in coming. Though the more these two drink the more I believe perhaps I am wrong. we shall see.

Associated Regions: The Free Nations
From the journal of Calvin Tower

Contributor: Joey Zilka