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Craven Truthbender
Thief, liar, cohort to a holy man.
As an orphan in Drachenhorn, Craven was shunted into one of the many orphanages at an early age. He was assigned the Temple of Aesia, and grew there in both body, mind and spirit. Unfortunetly, his body grew into a quick and sneaky young man, and his mind grew into that of a master thief. His spirit however, was nurtured in the teaches of the priests, and he became a devote follower of Aesia.
When the opportunity to join a holy man on his quest to make the world a safer place arose, Craven jumped at it. As with all things in his life though, it was not perfect. His holy man is a half-orc by the name of Rothgar who, despite having proven time and again his virtue, is still looked down upon for his mixed heritage.
Still, he and Rothgar work well together, meshing not only their combat styles, but also their beliefs and their histories of being outcasts. Great things should be expected from this pair of holy warriors, fighting the good fight on any and all fronts.

Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Craven Truthbender is a member of the The Red Legion

Contributor: Jacob McDonald