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Double The Throrn, Double The Enemies
We Meet new friend Sarge, finally find the elemental, and plan fight for Mind Flayers
It appears to me sometimes that every time we lose a friend or companion that somehow we meet a new friend shortly thereafter. It was not but a day after the passing of our friend Kambei that we were introduced to a stout and somewhat human looking dwarven man. Now, the reason I said human looking was based solely on his physical stature. His frame was built much like a cornerstone to a large Thrornian Cathedral. His weapon gave off a friendly but powerful glow the kind of which I hadn’t seen before. The one characteristic that I recognized from his was his braided beard. This was a trait that my father had as well. I believe he picked up the fad with serving as a simple mercenary.

Shortly thereafter, we learned the Dwarf’s name to be Sergeant so I assumed that my thoughts about the soldier were accurate. He introduced himself as a Dwarven Barbarian and also as a follower of Throrn. The comment took me back a bit at first because of his appearance but nonetheless he was a man of impeccable taste. Granted the man could turn out to be a simple fool but I still admired his convictions about glory and always trying to correct evil no matter what the price.

Sergeant then informed us that he knew of the elemental that we were seeking after and that he’d lead us to him in the morning. I have to admit that I had a tough time sleeping straight through the night out of the excitement of finishing our first guild writ and then moving onto finding the Hammer of Throrn we first heard about. Also, I wished to leave this uncivilized section of Citadel behind. I appreciated their ability to survive on practically nothing but the fact that they had no structures, no defenses, and no cathedrals, made me feel unsafe and sadden by their lack of culture. Either way once morning came we were off.

The journey was pretty much an easy walk through typical cavernous paths…that was until we reached a large patch of water. For some reason we had to cross it and the rest of the group found it absolutely hysterical to try and make me sick aboard the small vessel. I had Tenedos splashing water at me and Gim tipping the boat to the side trying to point different landmarks out to me. I tried to ignore them but their “playing” ‘caused my stomach to turn in a very unnatural way. Had it not been for my constant relying on Throrn to meet all my needs I’m not sure I would have made it across.

After walking another thousand paces we came to a stretch of land that seemed to have a bit more life than the rest of the dank cave. Suddenly, as we approached a large mushroom looking patch Gim started having a conversation with himself. Unlike when Tenedos has a conversation with himself Gim was poking people or making accusations of unobvious things. He was merely talking with what appeared to be a mushroom. I asked Gim who he was talking to and after a weird looking mushroom like create placed some sparkly seeds on me I found myself having a conversation in my mind with someone. He kept talking about my meat hole and I tried not to take offense since this was a new form of life I was conversing with but eventually I figured out my meat hole was my mouth and my moss was my beard.

I tried to focus the conversation back on finding the elemental but was distracted by this god they kept calling Ia…. I’m not sure how to spell it since they spoke it in my mind but nonetheless I tried asking this Ia a couple questions in which she responded with generalities. For example I asked where was the elemental we sought was at and she responded by saying nearby. Apparently, I asked too many questions because afterwards I received a large head pounding much like the one Ivan gave me and my nose started to bleed.

It was at this time where the elemental we were seeking came to us. He was a larger man who had a rough and scratchy voice that went along with his chiseled body. He looked like a side of the cave had come alive. He spoke briefly and would only answer questions with short responses.

Eventually, he opened up to us about a local presence that had been terrorizing the mushroom folk. They were called mind flayers. Apparently, they can control your mind and take over. Tenedos was able to explain to us that they were not the Aboleth that we were fighting all along. Even the elemental told us that indeed the Mind Flayers and the Aboleth had been hated enemies for some time now. Their feud was over who would control the food source…later to be found to be the citizens of Deepsong. So, with news of this new evil along with the Aboleth presence we realize that we would need to preparation if we to go to war. The elemental agreed to help us as well but only if we didn’t involve the locals. We agreed and spent the rest of the night planning our strategy to not only defeat the Mind Flayers but keep our wits throughout the entire fight. For Throrn!

Associated Regions: Citadel, Deepsong
From the journal of Groehl

Contributor: Chuck Jubenville