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The Shield Of Citadel
Defenders of the dwarven realms and its allies
Founded in 3041 AA, the shield of Citadel are a group of adventures who have come together to defend the free peoples of Boddendell and Citadel from the strange and otherworldly entities that work against it. From the Aboleth of the Inner Sea to the remnants of the power of Naresh in Sunderstone to the Mind Flayers of the Deep Underdark and beyond, the members of the Shield of Citadel have saved the lives of countless innocents.

The The Shield Of Citadel operate in Citadel, Boddendell
Members of the The Shield Of Citadel have included Derrinar, Gim, Grizzlegast, Groehl, Lochlan, Peak Hunter, Rorrin, Sergeant Archibald Forbes, Shimada Kambei

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen