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Keeping The Balance
Undead spawn, and evil tidings
I believe I have now found my calling in all of this. I was not sure until recently why I had come out from my forest home, why I have dragged shadow into these cities, but now I know I did right. I can feel it in my bones. We were recently in a town called Kleinstadt, it had an unnatural feel from the beginning, but we headed of course to the tavern. Once there a Vampire came seemingly out of nowhere, and much violence ensued. I must say that nothing tastes worse than undead flesh, but few things are as rewarding as ripping the dry skin from weak bones, and destroying these perversions. Ghouls, Vampires, Zombies I care not what the foe is, only that it dies..forever. This entire town Has been taken by the walking dead. They seem to be lead by a small girl vampire. I shiver when I think of what evil transformed such a sweet thing into a horrible monster the most perverted thing I can think of or have ever felt. There is so much evil in that town that I do not believe we could cure it all. I despair to think that it remains, we were lucky to scape with our lives from the greater undead that were running around. I feel as if they let us go, and that does not bode well for our future. I have heard that because they do not die the undead enjoy choosing mortals with which to play sometimes for decades on end. nearly catching them then letting them go only to come after them again when they are least expecting it. Well I will not be surprised. I shall remain vigilant against this threat. I look forward to the day that I am prepared, and powerful enough to free that young girls body. to make her so much dust in the wind.

Associated Regions: Kleinstadt
From the journal of Calvin Tower

Contributor: Joey Zilka