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Lost Gnomes
They just had to try and fly.
Our battle with the machines seemed to have no end. No sooner had we slain the first that two more appeared to challenge us and even when they ceased to move, more came. I began to think we would have to retreat and try to escape them when the elf woman appeared and with a gesture the machines were gone. This same elf woman who called down a fiery storm of meteors on us and then sent us to another version of our world now appears and saves us. She wants us to do something, that much is obvious.

My suspicions were true in the end. The Chronomancer, which is what she called herself, summoned us to this world to alter the flow of the future. She has here own view of how things should turn out and the destruction of the dwarven people does not appear to be on her list. She agrees with defeating the darkness in Citadel, though as to the method of this I am still a little confused, and wants us to aid her in this. Not like we have much choice. I dont trust her but she seems to be an ally at least for now.

After speaking with her for some time she dissappeared and we continued our journey to the Goliaths. Soon we exited the cave and began our icy climb. Im glad I purchased the warmth amulet and the rod of rope. Between those and my companions natural talents we had little trouble climbing the slopes. There was one point where we faced another area where magic would not work and had to trust our own skills. I was not worried about this but others are not trained as I am. After some close calls we managed the last climb and headed into another cave.

I took the lead in case anything was waiting for us and for a long time the cave seemed empty. It was only when my companions joined up with me that I noticed faint tracks on the cave floor. I continued forward again and later found a small figure sitting by a camp fire. He was smaller than myself so I knew he was not goliath, and I was feeling reckless so I just walked right up to him.

Turned out it was a gnome on sentry duty. At first he didnt trust us and even made some threat with his little sword but in the end he lead us to his fellows at their camp. Who would have thought we would find a camp of gnomes in the heights of citadel? They were the survivors of a crashed gnomish flying machine and members of some radical inventing guild. They seemed alright to me, well as alright as a group of eccentric gnomes can be. We even met Grizzlegasts brother Grazzle.

The gnomes, and Grazzle, told us of all that had happened since they crashed and everything they knew of the goliaths situation. The information was helpful but didnt give us a clear plan of what to do.

It has been a long doy and I am just tired. In the morning we will have to act, but until then I need rest.

Associated Regions: Citadel
From the journal of Rorrin

Contributor: Mark Hughes