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Captain Grey
Knight Captain of the Steel Brotherhood
Born in Agrathea to beggar parents, Alistair spent his childhood stealing and starving. His time on the streets instilled in him a brutal attitude, that many would define as cruel.

At the age of sixteen the boy was taken in by a fledgling order of professed knights that called themselves the "Order of the Steel Brotherhood". At first Alistair cared little for the knights rhetoric and only paid attention to their trainings and teachings so he could continue being fed, but soon their beliefs became his own, and at the age of eighteen he to became a professed knight eager to ease the suffering of Agrathea.

His zeal in battle has caused the knight to rise quickly in the ranks of the Order, and at age of merely twenty six has achieved the rank of Knight Captain, and a position in the Kings Guard of Correnius, King of Etera, of which Agrathea is now a part.

Alistair is an cunning, courageous and many times reckless individual that is anchored by a hidden and twisted moral code.

Alignment: LG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Agrathea

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Contributor: Scott Brown