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Hena Hearthkeeper
Observant, wise, and motherly innkeeper of the cold north
Hena Hearthkeeper is the current proprietor of the Bearsmead Inn, the local tavern and inn of Huld.

Hena is very observant; very little in passes by her unnoticed. Small clues and mannerisms often overlooked by others will speak volumes to her. Because of this ability she is also able to harbor secrets from others quite well. One of which was the use of a magical cask of ale purchased from the dwarves of Underholme, which for three generations was hidden in the basement of the inn.

Hena is, thankfully, not a malicious woman in any extent. She is, in fact, quite motherly to those in need, if not a bit stern. The townspeople know they can always come to her to talk of their days and trust her completely.

Since the death of her lover Chief Bjorn Axehand by a frost giant raiding party, Hena has been watching over their child, Elrik. Elrik was born out of wedlock and, as such, is not recognized by the people of Huld as their chief.

Ulfgar, a hunter and fur trapper who is often afield, spends his rare time in town at the Inn. Hena and Ulfgar share a great affection for eachother, but Hena is wary of her feelings out of respect for Elrik and the memory of Bjorn.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Huld

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen