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Home of the chronomancer, a place apart from time and space
The Chronomance is the otherworldly home of the chronomancer, the time mage who manipulates the unfolding events of the world of Geas to her own ends. It is a place outside of the normal ebb and flow of time, and as such it provides shelter to the chronomancer from the effects of her own manipulations. From this vantage point the chronomancer can peer into alternate realities and learn from events that might have come to pass.

The physical dimensions of the chronomance are in constant flux as the tidal forces of temporal causality wash against its walls. Gateways to past and future events abound in its limitless chambers, and agents of the chronomancer walk its ways and slumber therein without ever knowing they were there.

Chronomance is located in Temporal Plane

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen