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Giant, Death
Soulless creatures of destruction, death, and brutal hatred.
Death giants, known amongst their kin as the Daud Bolgir, are a race of terrible and evil giants that traded the immortal souls of every one of their kind in exchange for unholy power. The death giants now live with the mistake of their ancestors and, fueled by jealousy and boundless hatred, thirst for vengeance against the world.

In ages long past, when the first death giants were transformed by unholy rituals, a civil war amongst giant kind erupted. All races of giant, regardless of the clan or tribe, united against the terror of the Death Giant's new found powers. They were successful in driving them from their ancestral lands and exiled them to the Plateau Of Lehng, a frozen and blasted wasteland north of Argusund.

The souls of death giants are bound for destruction on the Plane Of Death, and their link to that profane realm grants them spell-like abilities and great power over the souls of others.

Death giants have dark gray to black skin and yellow eyes. Unlike most giants, their ears come to a point. Their unkempt nails form hard claws, and their teeth are sharp. A death giant stands about 15 feet tall and weighs 2,000 pounds.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen