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Fights Are Frightening!
I wish I were back in Valkith
Dear Madroc and Modroc,

Our caravan has finally arrived in Azhgrott, and I've finally had a day to rest and adjust somewhat to my new post. I really hope that they won't keep me out here too long. There's nothing out here to read, except what I brought with me, everyone who isn't angry seems incredibly tired, and the best thing I can say about the food is that it's edible, more or less. And, things are a bit too...um, exciting around here for me.

Somewhere along the way, a group of goblins that was in the caravan disappeared. The enforcer guy, Gash, assumed they were deserters but didn't make a big fuss about it, aside from some grumping and stomping, which is usual for him. And the guy calling the shots to him, he was just called The Overseer, he didn't seem to care at all. The Overseer, he's really, REALLY scary. And the imp he carries around with him, that little monster just about freezes my blood. They say that whenever a kobold goes missing, it's because the imp takes them, for some nefarious end no doubt. I get the jitters and chatters just being in sight of it.

So anyways, we made it to Azhgrott, and then me and this big half-orc lady were sent out with the dumbest ogre in the history of history to 'enlist' a local tribe of gnolls into the Barony. They were none too happy about it, too, but then, would you be? Their translator told us of some raiding that had been happening to them, so we went with him to investigate. After a day of nasty traveling up the side of a small mountain, we found the goblins who had deserted from the caravan on the way out here.

I'd never been in a fight before. It was hands-down the most terrifying thing I've had to go through. There was running and yelling, and waving of weapons and slashing and stabbing—I got stabbed in the gut! The half-orc lady was really brutal, but she was good at fighting, so most of the time I tried to stay behind her, though I had to settle for getting behind the gnoll for a little while. Then came more of them riding these big disgusting rat things! I'm glad I didn't get close enough to get a real good look at them. I just stayed back and did what I could to help (you know what I mean).

After we managed to kill them all, get a little rest and recovery, we came back down. Our translator went to talk with the rest of his tribe, and they agreed to become part of the Barony. He was I guess sent back along with us to Azhgrott to be a kind of liaison, and learn what was expected of them. They berthed him, the half-orc lady (her name is Seetha, I guess), and me in the same room, which I don't like the greatest, 'cause she's sorta surly and he stinks, to be honest. But Seetha took him out to the cafeteria for food, and while I putting away the last of my stuff, I turned around and the imp was in the room with me!

It was the most—wait, did I say the fight was the most terrifying thing ever? Never mind that, being in a room, with an imp, with no way to the door, THAT was the most terrifying thing ever. Even though he told me I did a good job, and that there would be, I don't know, some kinds of opportunities for me, and he gave me a scroll. A scroll! From a devil! I didn't wanna take it, but I thought if I didn't it would make him angry at me, and he'd...do something.

When he'd gone I took the scroll to Seetha and the gnoll, because I didn't have anyone else to tell about it, and I didn't know what to do. I'm not really sure they got what I was trying to tell them, but when they realized it came from the imp, they didn't look too happy, either. It turned out to have something useful on it, something that isn't really 'diabolic' or anything, so I put it in my book, but the whole thing still makes me shiver in my scales. I hope you'll have some good advice for me.

Let me know how things are going at the inn.


Associated Regions: Azhgrott
From the journal of Nibar The Nervous

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz