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half-orc barbarian who likes flowers and bows
Seetha is young half orc, just barely 19 years old. She's small for her race, looking more like a young male human athlete than the half-orc barbarian she is. Her black hair and dark eyes would help her pass as human if it weren't for the gray-green skin. Not pretty enough to be human, but not orc enough to monster, her appearance leaves her to be judged outside by all.
But looking like an outsider is no ordeal so someone raised by Gypsys. So she embraces the only world that every accepted her, wearing the bright colors and embroidery of her Imari family. Her hair is tied back up in a ponytail with ribbons of various colors, as much for practicality as for femininity.
There is just something about her that doesn't scream "feminine." Maybe it's the scale mail, maybe the 5'10" height, but it's probably the giant two-headed ax on her back. Sure it's got flowers carved into it. No one seems to notice them when it's rushing toward their head accompanied by loud screams. Actually after that they don't notice much of anything, which was the effect she was going for.

Alignment: CG
Race: Half-Orc
Place of Origin: The Road
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Contributor: Erica Marks