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Edrik Vawdrey
Former inquisitor turned cleric in exile and foe of undeath.
Born in 3000 A.A., Edrik was the third child of wealthy landowners near the city of Vawdrey in the Midland of Sellador. His older brother, Wilhem, became head of the household. His older sister, Eizabeth, married young into another wealthy family in nearby Tredgemor. Her husband, Edgar Tredgemor, was a cleric in the inquisition of some renown. It was from this relationship that Edrik found his entrance into the Church of Aesia as an acolyte under Edgar’s tutelage. Edrik was a convert true and true and learned well his zeal for the inquisition from his mentor.

War came upon them soon enough – war with Gideon, war with the Blackhand Orcs, and ultimately war with the demons who were the puppeteers of the entire conflict and their freshly risen undead armies. Edgar died in the fight with the undead, and something of Edrik died there as well, overcome with the horrors of war and death.

He returned home to rest only to find the law awaiting him, as his sister Elizabeth and entire family had been murdered, and all evidence pointed to Edrik. Edgar was there, somehow alive again, and provided evidence and witnesses against Edgar – saying that he had been in the countryside for weeks, that the war had driven him mad - indeed, Edrik’s grief lent to these claims. That night Edgar Tredgemor came to him, revealing his true nature as an freshly risen, unliving vampire, that he had murdered Elizabeth and her family when she turned from his cold embrace, and that he blamed Edrik for his current condition. Driven to the edge of sanity, Edrik fled into the wilderness.

It was then, on the morning of the new dawn in 3026 A.A., that Edrik found renewal - the New Dawn, the return of a newly risen Aesia into the world to reclaim her power – a time for new beginnings. He saw that his life had been an exercise in torture, in pain, and in death. He begged forgiveness and, on this morning, in the blood red light of the new dawn, that Edrik vowed to never again take a life – and to avenge himself against Edgar and the powers of unlife and hell.

He went south then, to the free nations, away from the laws of Sellador. There he was found by the Amari, the Lessten Wanderers, and befriended them. For a time, he was even treated as one of them. The Amari taught him the truth of freedom, that the greater good was above the tenants of law, and that all sentient creatures must be given a chance to prove themselves.

Moving on from Amari camps, he wandered the Selladorian Free Nations where his prayers revealed to him that Edgar Tredgemor was near.

In 3057 A.A. Edrik passed to Aesia, his quest unfulfilled and left in the hands of the Brotherhood Of Misfits. For 31 years he hunted the unliving and demonic but never deprived a living body of its soul, keeping the vows he made on the day of the New Dawn in penance for his time in the inquisition as a young man.

Edrik is survived by his nephew, Ulric Vawdrey.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Sellador, Selladorian Free Nations
Edrik Vawdrey is a member of the Church Of Aesia, Amari

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen