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Questions Of Morality
Wherein Nibar wonders what to do

Dear Madroc and Modroc,

I hope you are both well. The world just doesn't seem as safe when I can't visit you at the inn, and talk with you over a book and a hot tea or an ale. I hope business is going well. There is no trade out here, and you've not mentioned in your letters what the situation is like back in Valkith.

I know I'm prone to being...well...terrified, of a lot of things, but things out here are beginning to worry me so much that I can't sleep at night. The wolves and the undead human who followed them while we were out on another assignment don't even enter into it. It's that imp, Balphigaz, the one I told you about in one of my earlier letters.

He came into my quarters (not 'mine', I share them with the half-orc lady) again the other night, before we went out on our last assignment. And again, he gave me a scroll and told me that I was doing good work.

Does that mean that I'm doing evil? I don't really know. Nothing I've done so far has seemed evil. When I'm in the camp, mostly I run messages back and forth, or translate. Nothing really evil there. And when we get sent out on 'assignments', most of what I've done has been to defend myself, or the other people I'm traveling with. The deserters and the wolves attacked us, and the pigs and human (well, once human) not only struck first, but they were undead as well. And we had to defeat lemures. Surely that can't be evil, can it?

Then there is the problem of the scrolls he gives me as 'gifts' for my good work. Both of them have contained spells, and useful ones too. They have proven useful in defending myself and my companions when we're outside the settlement; plus, the spells aren't inherently evil. I might have found them in the library back in Valkith, with more time. But what happens when he gives me a scroll that is evil? What do I do? What will he do should I refuse it? Or take it, and then burn it?

This has all been plaguing me since I got back to the settlement. I haven't gotten a proper night's sleep in two days. Good advice can't really be found here, for this, and I could sure use some. Please write soon.

All the best,


Associated Regions: Azhgrott
From the journal of Nibar The Nervous

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz