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The Tale Of Saint Evan Of Westrun
The Mircale of Saint Evan of Aesia
Evan of Westrun was a powerful paladin in the service of the church of Aesia. He was from a wealthy family and preferred the finer things in life. Still, despite his hubris and braggart nature he was a skilled warrior and great leader of men. He had no heirs, but nor did he care for hearth and home. His was a life of accolade and reward.

He lived during the dark times of the ancient war with Nolugar the Reaver and his armies of undead. Hearing that a force of the enemy had landed in the lands of the south east he took a contingent of holy warriors with him and tracked them to their mountain camp. There me met a force that proved his match, and even though he and his men were able to destroy a great many of the vampiric fiends they proved the stronger and were able to overtake Sir Evan and his men.

Sir Evan was the only survivor of the battle, escaping his captors during the night with nothing, for the enemy has taken everything from him. Fleeing into the wilderness, he traveled west, fleeing from his more powerful foes. He ran for three days, moving both day and night. For though the vampires were faster than he and tireless, they had to stop during the day and rest beneath the earth, away from the purifying light of Aesia.

Eventually the Knight found his way to Westrun as the sun began to set. Crossing the icy brook into the town he came to realize that no help would be found in this simple village, that he had led the vampires to feast. Casting forth a prayer, he hurled himself into the river as the vampire legion began to cross. A great light shone from the waters, and it was blessed with the holy power of Aesia.

In that last moment Sir Evan put aside all desire for worldly things and, dressed in barely more than rags, put his faith not in weapons, armor, or the trappings of station… but in the power of Aesia. His sacrifice destroyed the vampires utterly, and to this day he is remembered not for his wealth in life but for holy deeds done in desperate poverty.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen