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Years corrupted the name, but the ideals remain
Shenla is actually the kobold name for the Elder Dragon Shaelan. This change occurred as a result of the corruption of the Draconic language, as spoken by the kobolds, over countless ages.

Kobold worship of Shaelan has suffered rather less change. She is compassionate intellect, the electric flash, both of inspiration and of the tempest. Moreover, the kobolds view her and all the Elder Dragons as creators and progenitors of their race, born of their part in shaping the world, and of the fury of their clashes.

For more general information, see the entry on Shaelan.

Alignment: NG
Races who worship Shenla are Kobold
Shenla is the god of Inspiration, Betterment Of Self
Clerical Domains: Protection, Healing, Storm, Dream, Courage, Scalykind
Shenla is a member of the Elder Dragons, Kobold Pantheon

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz