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The ancient birthplace of the races of Geas blasted to a desert ruin.
"Endless wastes. Strange illusions. It was a foolish thing to brave the desert..."
From the Journal of the explorer Menius, last entry.

In the most ancient of times Kharse was the birthplace of the races of the world. Over the millenia, however, this once lush and fertile land has become a blasted wasteland. There are long forgotten ruins - temples to the elder gods, burried beneath the shifting sands. Occasionally the desert will profer forth some new secret, some new gem of archaelogy that tempts the bravest and most foolish of explorers into the sun scorched wastes.

Regions located within Kharse include Aradt
Kharse is located in Geas
Places Near Kharse
SelladorW    E 

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen