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XIII. Monstrous Heroes
Honorable monsters in a land of lurking darkness.
There is a brooding tension hanging in the air of the Selladorian Free Nations.

The patrols of Sellador and The Red Legion have begun to clash, spurred by political malcontent and hubris on the part of the new nobility of the Free Nations. Years of relative calm, the security granted by the Legion, and rulership over their small portions of country have created a generation of young, decadent, self-styled lords and ladies. As the founders of their fortunes pass into age and death these new rulers have fallen into comfort and become pliable to the whispers of corruption...

Ulm One-Eye, not wanting to once again tempt destruction at the hands of mankind, had directed his orcish hordes to either subjugate or co-opt the other monstrous tribes of the Kaldir Crown Mountains and the surrounding lands. The legions of monsters who now follow the banner of the Bloodskull are greater and more vast than any human of the Free Nations could image. Using the combined skills of each of the races a series of outposts have been established in secret along the borders of human lands. From these outposts great underground lairs are being constructed, places from which the multitudes can issue forth when the time is right and claim the lands of eastern Sellador for a new Bloodskull Empire...

Your Part

You were selected, or volunteered, to go to one of these new outposts for reasons your own. The Kobolds of the mine city of Azhgrott have been persuaded to accept the newcomers and establish a base of operations. From here, the plans are to raid the nearby human village of Brasovia in Massenmarch for supplies...

This campaign was based primarily in Selladorian Free Nations.
Takes Place During: 3056 AA To Present.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen