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I. The End Of The World
The end and the beginning
The first game set on Geas, run by Shawn Nicolen, took place from the winter 2001 to the fall of 2002 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The adventures of this first campaign, set in 2984 AA, establish many of the core locations and important NPCs in the world such as Sellador, Gideon, Tel-Tenauril, the ruins of the Atman Empire, the Zanathae, and Primus. The nature of the relationship between the elves and the xenophobic humans is explored and form the crux of the story. Jerick ascends from a simple druid to godhood. This also begins the saga of Aesia and her mortal reincarnation as Elana Firemantle.

This campaign was based primarily in Sellador.
Takes Place During: 2984 AA To 2988 AA.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen