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III. The Dark Shards
Rebirth of destruction
Run by Shawn Nicolen, this game begins in early 2003 and lasted untill the late summer of that same year. It is set in 3022 AA, nearly forty years after the events of the first campaign.

Aldaric, now king of a reestablished Gideon, sends his son prince Gailin to provide aid to the plague and war ravaged city of Tuallen. Along the way it is discovered that Naresh still lives, fragments of his shattered soul being reborn as mortals, tainting their spirits with the desire to kill and reunite the essence of the destroyer god. Ultimately Naresh is reborn, but this rebirth is imperfect thanks to the efforts of Elana Firemantle and the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards. The new incarnation of destruction, named Threnody, is thought to be defeated in combat... but how do you truly destroy that which is destruction personified?

This campaign end when Shawn Nicolen moves from Kalamazoo to Detroit. The events of this campaign, however, carry over immediately into the fourth and fifth campaigns.

This campaign was based primarily in Gideon.
Takes Place During: 3022 AA To 3024 AA.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen