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IV. War In Sellador
War fuels the fires of undead conquest
Run by Jacob McDonald from the fall of 2003 to the late summer of 2005, this campaign ran side by side with The Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear campaign and began in the year 3024 AA.

Beginning in war-ravaged Tuallen, a rag-tag group of mercenaries find themselves taking a pivotal role in defeating the Selladorian armies advanced into Gideon. Soon a new enemy is revealed and the adventurers take on the quest of defeating the Lich King as he tries to end all life on Geas.

Many of the old PC's from the previous campaigns made appearances as NPCs. New areas of the world were created and explored such as Phocacia, The Hells, and large sections of the Underdark. Roven of Truendore survives and is played the entire campaign. As it's center stone this campaign features the themes of friendship, loss, betrayal, and perseverance.

The campaign ended in late August of 2005 with the defeat of the Lich King.

This campaign was based primarily in Gideon.
Takes Place During: 3024 AA To 3026 AA.

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald