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V. The Created And The Fallen
A fallen angel attempts to master the power of unchecked creation
Run by Shawn Nicolen from the fall of 2003 to the summer of 2005, this campaign takes place simultaneously with that of the Gideon Mercenary Corp and begins in the year 3024 AA.

Originally beginning in Tel-Tenauril during the miraculous return of Thanandir, a group of adventurers find themselves tasked with obtaining the fragments of the Genesis Crystal before Threnody, Lanathar, and the other agents of Aram obtain them, allowing the fallen angel of mercy to remake the universe in his own twisted image.

New realms of Geas are opened as Argusund, Curmeah, and several planes of existence are explored. Additionally, the elven lands of Tel-Tenauril are described in greater detail. The relationship between pain, mercy, and euthanasia is explored as well as the horrors of the power of pure, unrestricted creation.

The campaign concludes with the death of Aram and the neutralization of the Genesis Crystal. Threnody is reforged in the fires of mortal compassion and reasserts herself as a neutral goddess of endings.

This campaign was based primarily in Tel-Tenauril, Argusund, Curmeah.
Takes Place During: 3024 AA To 3026 AA.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen