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VI. The Peasant Heroes
The meek become mighty
Run by Jacob McDonald as a break from the high powered Gideon Mercenary Corp campaign, this game ran for several months in mid 2004. It takes place in 3026 AA.

Set in the sleepy hamlet of Everest in the Selladorian Free Nations, this campaign followed the adventures of a group of brave peasants who set out to investigate an evil that is plaguing their village from the Borderwode. All player characters started the game with a single level on an NPC class and went on to gain levels as normal PCs afterward. The Free Nations were defined in greater detail and the first major appearance of the Kaorti was introduced. The game ended with the Kaorti being pushed back into Hell and the heroes returning to their homes. The Red Legion was established, paving the way for a future campaign.

This campaign was based primarily in Selladorian Free Nations.

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald