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XI. The Forging Of The Free Nations
A fine balance, tipped
Run by Jacob McDonald, this campaign started on October 18, in 2005. It begins in the late spring of the year 3039 AA, 15 years after the fall of the Lich King, and the unification of Sellador.

ACT ONE: Experiment of a Circle - A rough and tumble unit of misfits and unenthusiastic soldiers from The Red Legion take on heavy responsibility as they run into more and more trouble. As things swing full circle, will they be able to stand against forces far beyond anything they could hope to imagine?

ACT TWO: For the Sky to Turn Red, the Earth Must Bleed - The heroes that stopped Krass Gustvan from using the power of The Silent Blade Thieves Guild to form his own army and challenge The Red Legion takes on an even greater threat; Dirk Krieger has returned to lead his guild, and he has designs to upset and control the Balance of Morals. The campaign climaxes as Dirk harnesses the power of Creation for the purpose of Destruction, and the PCs use the backlash of the Balance to utterly wipe him from existence, making it so the whole event (which included the destruction of most of Drachenhorn) never happened.

This campaign was based primarily in Selladorian Free Nations.
Takes Place During: 3039 AA.

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald