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XIV. Between Dark And Dawn
From the darkness, light
Even the brightest light casts a shadow. The New Dawn of Aesia served to further divide an already broken Selladorian Church, driving a wedge between those who accepted the light reborn, and those that still live in the past. While the more conservative leaders of the Church seem to live on the fringes of the light, they have agents that work from the shadows, striking from the darkness against those that would threaten all that is good and holy... and those that would threaten the power of those same leaders.
In 3056 a new group of holy warriors from the Order of Saint Adalric are sent forth to vanquish all that is evil in the world. These four brave souls are sworn to protect the Selladorian way of life at all costs, failure never being an option.
But agents of light living in the darkness often find themselves walking a thin gray line, and not everything is as clear as it seems in the shadows. Time flows like a river... and history may be doomed to repeat itself.

This campaign was based primarily in Sellador.
Takes Place During: 3056.

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald