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Goldfang Village
Cliffside home of the goldfang gnoll tribe

Goldfang village, located beyond the dark forest in the mountains north and east of the human town of Danshiere, is home to several dozen families of gnolls.

Set apart from their forest dwelling kin of the Winding Wood, the Goldfang have chosen a place of defensive advantage. The main portion of the village lies atop a cliff face with a single, winding road leading to the smaller, outer village below. This offers the gnolls a natural fortress against their foes and a view of the surrounding lands for miles around.

At the farthest rear of the inner village is the spirit lodge, home of the ruling druidic order of the village. The spirit lodge rests directly against the mountainside, acting as a gateway into the caves below which lead into the crypt of the elders and, beyond those, the sacred underground realm of Caer Carithal.

Inhabitants: Gnoll
Goldfang Village is located in Kaldir Crown Mountains

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen