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Caer Carithal
Sacred druidic forest beneath the mountains.

In the caves beneath Goldfang Village, beyond the sacred burial tunnels lies an ancient site sacred to many generations and, over the ages, untold different races of druidic worshipers. This is a place of life, of the convergence of several potent lines of magical power.

Caer Carithal is a vast cave beneath the eastern Kaldir Crown Mountains teeming with life - an entire ecosystem suspended in time beneath the earth. Living trees teem with animal life as a stream pours down in waterfalls through several basins, winds it way through a valley, and eventually exits to return to other paths beneath the earth.

Beyond a cleft in the cavern lies the central circle, a place of sacred rite for thousands of years. Menhir stones etches by unknown hands in generations past stand guard over concentric designs woven into the rock floor.

The entire cavern is lit by curious orbs of light which levitate about on the subtle breezes of the local micro climate, soaring high overhead or dipping down into the high branches of the treetops. Their eternal movement casts the forested cave floor below in a pattern of constantly shifting, overlapping shadows, such that the landscape seems alive.

Currently, the site is tended to by the druidic gnolls of the Goldfang Tribe

Inhabitants: Gnoll
Associated regions include Goldfang Village
Caer Carithal is located in Kaldir Crown Mountains

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen