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Ulric Vawdrey
Brooding Paladin of Threnody

The son of Wilhem Vawdrey, Ulric is the first and only son of a family which has seen war and tragedy. Before he was born his aunt was murdered and his uncle, Edrik Vawdrey, an inquisitor of Aesia, was framed for her death.

Ulric’s birth was a difficult one, and his mother died in childbirth. Despite the presence of a cleric of Aesia to provide aid nothing could be done for her, although the child was saved from what would have otherwise been certain death for both mother and son.

The grief from apparent betrayal of Edrik and the death of Wilhem’s wife weighed heavily on Wilhem, causing him to withdraw from society and avoid the further influence of the church of Aesia wherever possible. As a result Ulric was raised alone beneath the shadow of his father’s brooding.

The few servants at the Vawdrey house became like a family to Ulric and he was raised on their tales of the wider world, all the while struggling to find the approval of his distant parent. His life was structured, his lessons and movements planned. As he grew into a young man he began to struggle with his father’s constant seeming unhappiness, wondering what could be done.

The death of the head housekeeper was a tipping point for Ulric. She was as a mother to him and, in his sense of loss, Ulric felt the need to act. Late one night he snuck out to the stables and rode his great black horse into the night with a plan; he would find had become of his uncle and avenge a tragic event which had occurred before he was even born.

The early weeks on the road were awkward for Ulric, as he had little experience in travel, outside of visitors and a rare trip away from the estate to restock. Yet his lessons had taught him well and his keen mind, observant manner, and strength quickly proved great assets. After several months he was able to find Edrik Vawdrey living with the Amari of Lessten and confronted him.

What he found was unexpected. Edrik Vawdrey was not a mad murderer, but a kind man who had dedicated himself to revenge upon the man turned monster who had killed his wife. Despite his excommunication from the church of Aesia he still had his divine gifts and used them to heal and help and to end the horrors of undeath. Ulric quickly found in his uncle a father figure warmer than any he had known before and a great purpose which he had hitherto lacked.

With this new revelation Ulric rode home to deliver the news of his uncle and the truth of the great family tragedy. What awaited him was perhaps worse that the ghosts of the past. His father, finding the loss of his son and the death of the head housekeeper unbearable, had taken his own life only days before.

Dismissing the remaining servants, Ulric returned to Lessten to his uncle. After a few weeks of travel Edrik began to fear that his nephew would be caught up in his decades old quest rather than living a life of his own. Refusing to allow his nephew to join him further he directed him to the small church of Threnody, the Temple Of The Blessed Elegy, in Kiergaard. The keeper of the church was a friend of Edrik’s who had aided him over the years and was to help Edrik in establishing himself in the young bustling city.

Ulric found that the tenants of the church of Threnody rang true and petitioned to join. In its teachings he found truth and purpose, and in Ulric the keeper found an able and dedicated man. He had become a paladin of Threnody, a holy knight of true and rightful death and an enemy of those who would seek to escape their just end.

Alignment: LG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Selladorian Free Nations
Ulric Vawdrey is a member of the Church Of Threnody

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen