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Dead End
In 3031 AA Victor Elbricht quickly realized that the Kiergard military camp was becoming a small city and set about to fortify it, ordering the construction of a keep and the beginnings of a wall to mark the outer borders of Kiergard in 3031 AA.

He vastly underestimated the pace of growth Kiergard would face, however, and in 3047 AA construction of the wall as abandoned after only a quarter of it had built in favor of plans for what would later become The Castle Ward. The wall has been slowly torn down by time, scavengers, and builders in need of material over the years resulting in several gaps, but only a few of which are wide enough for a cart. The result is the neighborhood known as Dead End, a road which ends in a court just south of the wall at the original graveyard and old church of Aesia, now the Temple Of The Blessed Elegy of Threnody. As wagons cannot pass from the road to the northern half of The Lower Ward which faces Crystal Lake very little commerce finds its way here.

Inhabitants: Human
Regions located within Dead End include Temple Of The Blessed Elegy, The Bell And Crow
Dead End is located in The Lower Ward

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen