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Madam Pachels Preeminent Parlor
"A pretty lady can get more with a smile and a wink, than she can with just a smile..."
The Red Legion has a long history of employing noble, good and virtuous soldiers, a result of its founding principles and guiding philosophy. The men and women of the Legion are generally law abiding and up-standing citizens.
Still, soldiers are soldiers, and sometimes a fighting man needs to blow off some steam!
Enter Madam Pachel's Preeminent Parlor, full of the Free Nation's most beautiful women, strongest drink and most uproarious good times. Located in The Lower Ward, it is one of the oldest and (strangely) most respected institutions in the city.
The term 'scarlet woman' has long been used in the Selledorian Common tongue as a derogatory term for the ladies that are employed in the brothels, but the many proud inhabitants of Madam Pachel's wear the name as a badge of honor; Scarlet Women for The Red Legion.
Known just as much for the incredible dancers and floor shows up on the main stage as it is for the upper levels and romantic encounters that may or may not happen there (and the girls certainly aren't talking) the whole operation is the brain-child and life's work of Lleenewny Pachel, a half-elven beauty that still looks like a young and nubile twenty something despite her 40 plus years, the only thing she claims to have inherited from her father's elven people.
What isn't widely known (or known by almost anyone at all) is the many hidden sub-levels of Madam Pachel's are a place of rest and healing for The Scarlet Hand, the secretive intelligence branch of The Red Legion. It is here that the spies and rouges of that mysterious order come when they are wounded or need rest between their dangerous missions.

Alignment: CG
Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Kiergard
Madam Pachels Preeminent Parlor is located in The Lower Ward

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald