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Amari Camp
Ever shifting corridors of colorful wagons
The Amari camp in The Outer Ward of Kiergard is home to an ever changing cast of traders from Lessten and beyond, their colorful wagons, their homes on wheels, arranged in a seeming chaotic array of shifting alleys and roads. The result of a neighborhood known well to its inhabitants but is essentially a mystery to outsiders - a fact that the Amari are perfectly happy with.

Each Night the Amari, both dedicated "locals" and visitors from the long road, gather at an event known as the heartfire to exchange tales and news of the day. The location of the heartfire changes every few days yet the Amari know exactly where it will be held next thanks to messages encoded in the colorful flags flown from key wagons.

Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Kiergard
Amari Camp is located in The Outer Ward

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen