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Legions Keep
Former headquarters of The Red Legion turned prison
Legions Keep was the first headquarters for The Red Legion in what had been, only a few years prior, a makeshift military encampment. Victor Elbricht quickly realized that the camp was becoming a small city and set about to fortify it, ordering the construction of a keep and the beginnings of a wall to mark the outer borders of Kiergard in 3031 AA.

He vastly underestimated the pace of growth Kiergard would face, however, and construction of the wall was abandoned after only a quarter of it had been built in favor of fortifying a larger area. The finished keep continued to serve as headquarters for The Red Legion until 3047 AA when construction began on a larger castle, a landmark of the city that defines the ward it was built in.

The old building has been re-purposed as a prison, both for enemies of the Selladorian Free Nations of the city of Kiergard itself. Victor Elbricht's old office and meeting room are now the office of the Warden.

Legions Keep is built with one wall plunging into the shallow waters of the Crystal Lake, its interior a maze of reconstructed corridors and newer walls resulting from the construction necessary to turn the building from a fortress into a prison.

The keep is used for prisoners of a sensitive or important nature, and as such the list of its inhabitants is kept secret. This has led to the phrase, "Who knows what secrets Legions Keep," being used amongst the more paranoid minded peoples of Kiergard.

Associated regions include Kiergard
Legions Keep is located in The Lower Ward

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen