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The city of taverns
Klienstadt acts as the gateway for trade from Sellador, via Drachenhorn, into the Free Nations. Once, when trade was limited, the town was very small. As Kiergard grew into the powerhouse center of the region, however, the amount of goods and traders moving through Klienstadt grew as well.

The population of the city of mostly transient - at any given time the number of people passing through the city is at least equal to, if not more than, the number of people who actually live there.

Most of the businesses of the city cater to travelers. Inns and alehouses are abundant and can be found on nearly every single street. Amongst traders who frequent the road through Klienstadt the nickname "Tavern Town" is used.

Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Kiergard, Drachenhorn
Klienstadt is located in Berhagen

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen