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Edom Skaelan
Human disguise of the copper dragon Skaeraksis
Mysterious and wealthy lord who appeared to spur the recovery of the lands surrounding Klienstadt in the wake of the attacks by the dragon Skaeraksis and the Silvermane Gnoll Tribe.

In 2945 AA together with the enigmatic ranger Horus and the druidess Elana Firemantle he helped to destroy the black dragon Tzelgoriath, clearing the path for human settlers to found the city of Drachenhorn, gateway to the Selladorian Free Nations.

Lord Skaelan is the human guise of the copper dragon Skaeraksis whose vile actions occurred while under demonic possession. Despite his innocence he felt the need to atone for the death and destruction the demonic entity wreaked while in control of his body. In the guide of the human Lord Skaelan he does so by spending his wealth to aid the recovery of the survivors.

Alignment: CG
Race: dragon, copper
Associated Regions: Klienstadt, Drachenhorn

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen