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Beanobious (Bean) Widgits
Short, Tough, Quirky, He's a Gnome! Watch your pockets!
Tall and Stout, for a Gnome, Bean as he likes to be called by the Tall people is an Engineer and Carpenter from Barga. At the ripe age of 40 he was given his chance to add to the Wall Of Barga and add he did, though after a year of building, designing, adding, subtracting from his section, he declared something was missing, and that he must leave to find it. He packed a pack with his favorite things, and a few other gnomes favorite things as well, and set off. A year later he came to settle for a while in the Human city of Allstone. He began working a job, finding things, and got to know his coworkers who stayed around him above the Laughing Mermaid tavern. As he completes his jobs he is of course keeping his eyes peeled for any sign of whats missing from his portion of the Wall, and anything else he might find of interest. He rides a Unicycle of his own design around to keep up with his taller counterparts, and enjoys a good game of cards or dice whenever he can get one.

Alignment: CG
Race: Gnome
Place of Origin: Sellador, Boddendell, Barga, Wall Of Barga
Beanobious (Bean) Widgits is a member of the The Explorers Of The Laughing Mermaid
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Contributor: Joey Zilka